Lawson&Lawson and Duo Eliot Lawson - Nicolas Callot

Jill & Eliot are sister and brother and have been playing music together their whole lives. They make music together, they communicate together, they breathe together and they love what they do! They recorded several CD's. With their audience they enjoy sharing musical anecdotes.
Eliot also plays with pianist Nicolas Callot. Please refer to the Enigma musical programs below.

IN THE MOOD FOR HINDEMITH for violin and piano  
FRENCH-BELGIUM CONNECTION for violin and piano  
A LA CARTE for violin and piano  

 Enigma Piano Quartet

Love for music and the audience brought four virtuoso friends together. Thus the Enigma Piano Quartet came to life! The four enthusiastically bring rarely heard music in invigorating performances to a wider public in Belgium and abroad. Pushing away the conventional borders of a classical concert, their performances are real events, a treat for all your senses...

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 Law3on or Lawson Trio

Programs that include different instruments are nowadays well represented. Oddly enough combining voice with violin and piano is a different picture. It is interesting to know that a violinist always tries to sing like a singer does and that a singer always tries to sing like a violinist draws the bow... the fact that both singer and violinist are note restricted in their movements makes a choreography possible.

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE for soprano, violin and piano  
FRENCH CONNECTION for soprano, violin and piano  

 No Piano

For the following programs there is no need for a piano! The programs are flexible and very original and are suitable for different venues: concert hall, church, private concert, house concert, educational workshop, celebration concert and musical intermezzo. Eliot enjoys talking to the public about the program.

ECHO for violin solo  
IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE for violin and soprano  
VIRTUOSO FRIENDS for violin and cello  

 Ensemble Joseph Jongen

Formed in 2002, the ensemble chose its name and consequently its repertoire inspired by the body of work of a great Belgian composer Joseph Jongen. The musicians' collaboration resulted in two critically-acclaimed CD recordings on the Cypress label as well as numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad.

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 With Orchestra

Eliot has built up an extensive concerto repertoire. He performed most of the major violin concertos with orchestra. A performance of the Brahms concerto with the Metropolitan Symphony of Lisbon was recorded live on CD. Eliot specializes in the double concerto repertoire and enjoys discovering new concertos.

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