virtual concert 

A few of my recordings:

Berceuse by Leon Souroujon

Ballade by Leon Souroujon

Melodie by C. W. Gluck from CD Soudal

Aria by J. S. Bach, arranged by Leon Souroujon from CD Soudal

Meditation of Thais by J. Massenet from CD Soudal

Sonata, 1st movement by P. Hindemith

Double Concerto for violin and piano, 2nd mvt by F. Mendelssohn

Did you miss Eliot's latest concert or are you just curious?

CLICK HERE for a virtual concert, recorded live in Los Angeles in 2006 year with pianist Hoang Ngeuen.

Check out Eliot's videos on YouTube.

Please contact Eliot Lawson if you have any questions about the recordings or if you want to buy them. Not all CD's are available in the shops.

you can sample and buy my CD's:

Debut CD

Recital® Renee de Castera

Cypress® Joseph Jongen

Fuga Libera® Joseph Jongen Ensemble

CD Soudal