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Jan 20: 11AM, concert with cello (David Cohen), Colibrant Chapel in Lier (near Antwerp)
CC Colibrant, Deensestraat 6-7, 2500 Lier

Jan 20: 4:30PM, concert 4 seasons of Piazzolla with orchestra "Symphonistes Europ�ens", Bondues (near Lille)

February 4 till 7: CD recording of pieces by Jean Jacques Giraud (with Elizabeth Allen & Bruno Pasquier), Paris
February 9: 4PM, concert with piano (Diane Andersen), Cit� des Arts, Paris
February 16: 9.30PM, triple concerto of Beethoven (with Pavel Gomziakov & Luis Pipa), Braga (Portugal)
February 17: 9:30PM, triple concerto of Beethoven, Guimarais (Portugal)
February 21 till 23: Masterclass in Porto Conservatory
February 22: Recital in Porto Conservatory with piano

March 21: 8PM
, Concert 4 seasons of Piazzolla with Orchestra of Baskent University, Ankara

April 2-6: Masterclass and Festival "International Antwerp Music Sessions 2013", de Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp
April 7: concert Law3on with Jill (piano) & Valerie (soprano): Kasteel Steytelinck, Wilrijk, 11 am
April 20: Concert, Double concerto of Mendelssohn with my sister Jill and Metropolitana Orchestra during "Dias da Musica" festival at CCB in Lisbon

May 3-4: Festival and Masterclass in the University of Minho, Braga (Portugal)

August 7 till 10: CD recording with Jill Lawson of the complete violin sonata's of Hindemith in Flagey, Brussels
August 12 till 17: Masterclass in Dinant "International Music Academy"
August 19: concert with Elizabeth Allen in Dordogne, France
August 20 till 31: Festival and Masterclass, Portogruaro (near Venice)

2013 will bring following new CD releases:

Durlet: Sonata with Kyotaka Izumi
Giraud: chambermusic and solo pieces with Elizabeth Allen and Bruno Pasquier
Delvincourt: sonata and pieces with Diane Andersen
Hindemith: complete violin sonata's with Jill Lawson (Brilliant Classics)
Durlet: Concerto with Euregio Orchestra



February 12 Enigma concert Maastricht, Holland
February 14-21 Tour with Moscou NY JCC, NY, U.S.A.

March 8 Recital with Luis Pipa at the Braga Chambermusic Festival Portugal
March 27 Recital with Johan van Aken at the Hoboken Kasteel Sorghvliet Belgium

March 7 concert met Enigma in CC van Wilrijk om 11 uur Belgium
March 19
March 20
concert met Biancho Nero om 15 uur in de Warande van Turnhout Belgium

April 3, 8pm Concert with Fragments Lille, France
April 11-17 Masterclass IAMS2011 Antwerp de Kunsthumaniora, Belgium

May 5, 8pm Concert with Hommages Schilde Festival der Voorkempen, Belgium
May 13-15 Festival Barbleu MAS Antwerp Felixpakhuis, Belgium
May 26 Festival Rotterdam 4 Seasons Vivaldi Holland

June 5, 3pm Concert Gouden Labels Stadhuis Brussel, Belgium
June 11 Concert VUB Brussels, Belgium

August 8-14 Masterclass Dinant, Belgium
August 18-21 Festival Lesinges France
August 22 Concert with Elisabeth Allens Festival Sorges, France
August 24 Concert with Diane Andersen Bagnac, France
Aug 26-Sep 2 Masterclass Portogruaro, Italy

September 18 recital with Diane Andersen Dieppe, France

October 10 concertmaster of Minho Orchestra Braga, Portugal
October 16 recital with Nel Swerts Turnhout, Belgium

November 12 recital with Elisabeth Allen Lisbon, Portugal
November 18 solo performance Brussels, Belgium
November 27 Recital with Kyotaka Izumi and David Cohen-
works by Durlet
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Hingene, Belgium



January 8 Concert met Enigma om 20.00 te Westhoek Belgium
January 11-18 Concerten in duo met violist Leo Adamov te New York en Boston. Go to website: for more info. U.S.A.
January 30 Concert met pianist Luis Pipa te Braga Portugal
January 31 Concert met ensemble Hommages in Mol om 11.00 Belgium

February 11-14 Concerten met ensemble Shostakowitch in Porto, Lissabon en Algarve Portugal
February 17 Concert in Braga Portugal

March 7 concert met Enigma in CC van Wilrijk om 11 uur Belgium
March 19
March 20
concert met Biancho Nero om 15 uur in de Warande van Turnhout Belgium
March 21 concert met pianiste Nel Swerts in CC van Kapelle Belgium
March 29 concert met Biancho Nero om 20 uur in CC Malbeek Belgium

May 2 concert om 15 uur in gallerij Nordon, Regentschapsstraat te Brussel Belgium



December 2 concert met ensemble Hommages in Anderlecht ( Belgium
December 3 Muziektheater Moscou NY met Enigma om 20.15 te Bonheiden GC 't Blikveld Belgium
December 5 Concert met ensemble Hommages om 20.00 in Antwerpen in de NOVA Belgium
December 13 Concert met ensemble Hommages om 11.00 in de Zwarte Panter te Antwerpen Belgium
December 13 Concert met Biancho Nero om 14.00 in het Kunsthuis in te Brussel Belgium
December 16 Muziektheater Moscou NY met Enigma om 20.00 in het Arenberg te Antwerpen Belgium
December 19 Concert met Enigma om 14.00 te Maastricht ( Belgium

November 20 Music theater "Moskou NY" with Enigma Arenberg Schouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium
November 22 Performances with Hommages during the "Festival van Hasselt" Belgium

October 2 and 4 Bartok Concerto during the "Nuit Blanches" with Hommages Brussels, Belgium
October 9 Performance with Enigma Piano Quartet during Festival van het Waasland Belgium
October 11 Aperitief concert with Helena Maes Gent, Belgium
October 29 Premiere music theater "Moskou NY" with Enigma Arenberg Schouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium
October 31 Aperitief concert with Hommages Cultureel Centrum, Mol, Belgium

September 20 Recital with Enigma Piano Quartet during Festival Zuid Antwerp, Belgium
September 25 Four Season of Astor Piazolla at Th��tre S�bastopol Lille, France

August 2 Recital with Nicolas Callot during the festival "Kamermuziek aan de Berkel" Netherlands
August 17-23 Masterclass (see Dinant, Belgium
August 22 Recital with Diane Andersen in CC van Piegon Piegon, France
August 24 Recital with Diane Andersen in Chateau de Maleret France
August 25-30 Masterclass in Chateau de Farnieres France

July 2 and 3 Midday concerts in Midi Minimes  
July 4 Concerto by Santos with the Minho Chamber Orchestra Braga, Portugal

June 20 Concert at the Elzenveld (see Antwerpen, Belgium

May 12 Concert with Enigma for Festival van Vlaanderen at 15:15 and 20:00 (live broadcast on radio Klara) Mechelen, Belgium
May 16 Piazolla, Four Seasons Paris, France
May 28-31 Festival at the Felixpakhuis (Barbleu) Antwerp, Belgium

April 11-18 Masterclass Han sur Lesse, Belgium
April 26 Masterclass Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp, Belgium
April 29 Concert for a Rotary Conference Belgium

March 7, 8 Piazolla, Four Seasons Pas de Calais, France
March 10-18 Masterclass Braga, Portugal

February 4, 12:00 Concert with Enigma Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp
February 14, 20:00 Concert with Francois Glorieux CC in Dilbeek, Belgium
February 19 Concert in Elzenveld Antwerp, Belgium
February 28, 20:00 Quartet for the End of Time, Messiaen Anderlecht, Belgium