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Programs - No Piano - ECHO

Eliot Lawson, solo violin

Composers always find inspiration in other composers. Ysaye, a twentieth century composer, was inspired by Bach and Paganini.

In the same fashion, pieces for violin solo by Leon Souroujon echo sounds of Paganini and Ysaye. And once again, Sciarrino based his caprices on those of Paganini.

And yet, with all the similarities, contrasts abound among these works!
Could it be because Bach was inspired by god and the devil?

It is interesting to note that the program contains the solo works by L. Souroujon. Eliot has been contracted to record the integral works for violin solo by L. Souroujon for one of Belgium's finest labels.


Composition Name


Leon Souroujon Ballade


J. S. Bach Sonata Number 1

N. Paganini Caprice Number 9

Schiarrino Caprice Number 2

N. Paganini Caprice Number 24

Leon Souroujon Berceuse

Leon Souroujon Images Espagnoles

E. Ysaye Sonata Number 5


Eliot proposes to rotate with the following pieces: other Souroujon solo pieces and Sauret Cadenza