festival bleu 

Eliot is the artistic director of Festival Bleu. He works together with Dirk de Cloedt and Ivo de Beer.

Festival Bleu organizes concerts, workshops, events and an annual music & lifestyle festival in Antwerp.

The Festival aims to bring quality listening music to a wider audience. It consists of a wide variety of music and arts with an emphasis on classical music. Usually the event/concert takes place in a special setting & location: in a modern lounge atmosphere with, for example, fine wines and gourmet chocolates, video projections, sophisticated sound systems, and more...

Festival Bleu innovates and brings people together, call it the 21st century "Schubertiade"!

Are you interested in hosting an extraordinary event, concert, party, business event, dinner or are you just curious? Visit festivalbleu.be or contact Eliot Lawson.